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Backbone.js Talk at TulsaWebDevs May Meeting

Hey friends, I wanted to let you know I will be giving a presentation on Backbone.js at the next TulsaWebDevs meet-up.

For any of you using more than the tiniest amount of JavaScript in your web-based applications, Backbone.js may be something to consider. Backbone brings structure and organization to the client-side that we've long had in MVC frameworks on the server. Here are some benefits:
  • Stores data in specialized data "models" instead of directly on the DOM.
  • "Views" give you good separation of presentation from the data layer.
  • "Controllers" map url hash fragments to discreet actions.
  • Very lightweight, less than 10kb.
  • Doesn't assume much about your UI or your backend data store.
I'll be walking through a sample app and demonstrating use with Rails as a backend (or you can be easily use the server framework of your choice). I'll also give an overview of Underscore.js, a related product of the guys at DocumentCloud, used within Backbone.

You do not have to be a JavaScript whiz kid to need something like Backbone. If your last bit of JavaScript reminded you of a dish from Spaghetti Warehouse, then Backbone may be for you!

TulsaWebDevs next meeting will be on Monday, May 9th at the Tulsa Collaboratorium at 6pm. Hope to see you there!

Update: The meeting was awesome last night -- our largest meeting to date -- 14 people! Surprisingly, I think most people enjoyed my presentation and incoherent rambling.

You can view the source code for Crk and my Backbone.js slides.