my point of view (programming stuff mostly)

Csv2wufoo is a little side project I wrote using Sinatra, my WufooParty lib, and James Edward Gray's FasterCSV lib.

After the tenth time my wife asked me to write a one-off script to import data into her Wufoo form, I decided to generalize it a bit, slap a Sinatra app around it, and give it a domain name (well, there was a little more to it than that, but ya know...)

It hasn't quite been battle tested yet, but hopefully it will be useful to someone.

We love Wufoo at our church and use it almost daily for all sorts of things. Gathering submissions is only one small trick in its bag of 'em -- Wufoo's reporting makes it a really good platform for visualizing flattened data, among other things. Staff in our church use Wufoo in ways they should probably be using Excel, but Wufoo makes it so much easier.

With csv2wufoo, we should now have a better way of getting data into the system.