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Less Spam

I have an ongoing experiment in which I never empty my Spam folder in Gmail. On the left side of the screen, when I log in, I can see how many spam messages I have. Gmail automatically deletes spam messages over thirty days old, so this is an accurate representation of how many spam messages I get in a given thirty-day period.
When I first started using Gmail, my spam folder grew quickly to contain over five hundred spam messages! But over the last several months, my spam count has slowly dwindled to 150.Why? I can't pinpoint the reason other than maybe spammers are concluding it's less effective than it used to be. I mean, just about everybody heavily filters their email these days; the liklihood of a spam message getting through to most inboxes is dismal I think. Is this the beginning of the end? Have we reached and passed the spike in spam history?Not that I think spam will ever completely go away, but it's possible it's declining a bit and will level off at some bearable point.What about you? Have you noticed less or more spam in your email?Update 08/02/2006: My spam count has grown to nearly 250 over the last month and a half. I guess it was a fluke.Update 12/12/2006: My spam count is now over 1000! So much for my less spam theory.