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New Blog About Church Software

Oh Good Lord in heaven, forgive me: I've started a new blog.

Many of you know I've long had a passion for churches and the software they use. I have plans to challenge the notion of what good church software should be doing. I have ideas for making better tools to aid management, shepherding and engagement.

I want desperately to sit down and just start hacking on a new product, but the older and wiser part of me (I did just turn 30 this year, you know) understands that I should have a plan, or at least, you know, a clue about what I'm going to do.

I hope to make the blog a place where I publicly share my ideas and opinions and get my assumptions tested a bit. I don't pretend to know everything about making great church software, but I like to think I am in a unique position, being both a long-time, committed volunteer in a strong church, a decent engineer, and a geek who can communicate (maybe :-).

So, lacking further ado, I present to you: Church.IO

If you're a church volunteer, minister, or geek, please stay tuned and let me know your thoughts. And subscribe!