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Preacher Blog

Greg Pittman, the preaching minister at my church, now has a blog. I got him set up this weekend, and he's started it off with a great post about our recent prayer week.He also said something interesting to me that really got me thinking about how the Web has affected us the last few years:
I'm not looking to be trendy. It [blogging] just seems to be an effective way to communicate with an ever-ambiguous, mobile congregation, and in a more interactive fashion.
For Cedar Ridge, 2007 seems so far to be the year of connectedness, at least in the electronic sense (and hopefully/consequently in the community sense as well). This year, we launched our new website, we launched a Facebook-clone site for members (I won't bother providing a link since you can't sign in anyway -- but trust me, it's cool), we just finished revamping and reorganizing our podcast section, and now our staff is starting to blog.I think Greg said it perfectly... we're not wanting to follow a fad -- we're simply hoping to make the best use of the tools we have before us. And the fact that normal people (not just geeks) are utilizing the Web for more than just school research and ebay purchases is pretty darn cool to me.It seems all the work Jennie and I have been a part of for the past several years is finally converging and helping (albeit in a tiny way) to strengthen the church body as a whole.