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It's official: I'm a sucker.I got an iPod for my birthday two months ago. And I love(d) it. I've become addicted to a handful of podcasts over the past few months and my collection of music has been slowly growing. My car radio has largely forgotten the sound of traditional broadcast radio.
Yesterday, my iPod booted up with this icon. I took it back to Best Buy to get it exchanged, only to find out the extra fifty bucks spent on "extended service" or whatever they called it means they ship the iPod back to Apple for repair instead of making me do it. Whoopti-freaking-do. No exchange, no loaner. Three weeks without my beloved MP3 player.Secondly, two months then it breaks!? What's up with that? This can't be typical. I hope not. Especially if I only get to enjoy music and podcasts for a couple months at a time with three-week intermissions.Update: After two and a half weeks, I called Best Buy to get an update. Their response: oh yeah, we were supposed to call you; you can come get a new iPod now. That's weird.