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What's Up With That Blog Title?

I wanted to forewarn any readers that this blog is not necessarily politically correct all the time. I don't consider myself a backwards hick, but I do have some decent opinions about some touchy subjects, some of which may come up from time to time. I don't apologize.I had a blog in the past that served primarily as my outlet for geeky stuff (just as this one is). Occasionally, I'd throw in something about my faith as a Christian and it would invariably tick off someone and I'd get nasty comments. People would ask me to stick to the tech stuff and so on. Well, forget it.So there you go."MPOV" is sort of an antithesis of the Wikipedia Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy, which mandates that all articles be free from slant. MPOV stands for My Point of View.Update: I just found this definition for MPOV. Interesting. Probably not far from the truth. :-)