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Wikipedia Watchlist Feed V2

Update: I've been using this for awhile now, and I still have to manually check my watchlist every day because my reader only gets updates every few days. I'm not sure, but it seems to be a caching issue on the WP API and not so much the script's fault.Update 2: The load on my server was too much, so I removed the hosted script from my server. You can still download the source and host it yourself.Update 3: Turns out it's better to just subscribe to each page's feed rather than to use a script like this.Back before Wikipedia had an API, I created a script that scraped the HTML and generated a plain RSS feed of my watchlist. Now, it's even easier as the new API does most of the work for you, provided you correctly authenticate with it. So, version 2 of the script is much simpler, and simply acts to authenticate a user and grab the feed as-is and hand it to the browser/aggregator/etc.The script source is here.Basically, the URL would look like this:
Before you go trying it on my server, be aware that: (I have removed the script from my server. Sorry.)
  1. Your password and username are in the URL in plain-text (and thus in my server logs if you use this script directly from my server). This might scare you. I'm not an evil person, but then again, I wouldn't believe someone else telling me that for a second. If you don't trust me, then grab the script and stick it on your own server.
  2. I will leave my script running for you to use directly, but if the load becomes too much on my lowly server, I will disable it.
So, there's two reasons to grab the script and run it on your own server.Thanks to Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya for his Python script that does basically the same thing.