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Wikipedia Watchlist RSS Feed

Update: Version 2 is available here.Today, I finally got fed up with Wikipedia's lack of watchlist feeds, so I wrote a script that generates them.A few of the photos I had uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons have been marked for deletion for some time now due to inadequate license information (my fault entirely), but I didn't know it because I didn't think about the Commons having its own separate watchlist. Oops. That got me thinking... these watchlists should have feeds so I don't have to keep pulling up my bookmarks every day.Now, until they actually add feeds to those pages, I have my own solution in a few lines of Ruby code: This code can be run as a CGI on a web server and generates feeds like this.So, I'm sharing this because the other two or three scripts out there written to do this suck IMO. (Or at least I couldn't get them to work -- which in that case means I suck :-)