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Update: The community has stepped up to take over development of ZiddlyWiki. So, it appears ZW will live on!

Update 11/7/2007: has been dead for a long time now. I really like TiddlyWiki and think there should be a solid server implementation like ZW was; make your plea in a comment on this post if you'd like to discuss a ZW comeback.

ZiddlyWiki was a product I built and maintained for awhile. Now, I've decided to give it up. I don't have the mental bandwidth to keep it up, and I've neglected its users for quite awhile. I will be letting the domain names expire shortly, and the latest version will be made available here for anyone wanting to take the product as their own and keep it up-to-date.

One thing I found in building ZW is that the amount of support required from people is enormous. I realize now that some open-source products require more support than others, particularly end-user products. I've released open-source libraries before without near as much required followup support, but then again, they were meant for developers -- not end users.

Undoubtedly, this move will make somebody mad. Good news with ZiddlyWiki: you can always export your data and move to another TiddlyWiki-based product.

If you're interested in taking over the project, let me know: [my first name]

ZiddlyWiki Version
Old ZW Documentation